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Can CBD make you feel sick?

CBD has been gaining popularity among masses over the last few years. Its medicinal usage has plenty of benefits, and it is entering the mainstream quite fast. As soon as its users proclaimed CBD’s excellent benefits, extensive research in terms of its profits was conducted by significant scientists. Since then evidence-based claims have taken CBD usage to all-time new levels. It is now being used for all sorts of purposes, mostly relevant to health. Many people believe that CBD induces a high, well if you’re looking to get high on CBD, then you will fail. As CBD lacks the essential component THC which is responsible for the euphoria one can safely say that you cannot get high on CBD.

Today’s blog, however, is on a topic that has been under a lot of debate. Can CBD oil make you sick? Firstly, we would like to point out the fact that CBD oil is safe to use regardless of how you prefer to intake it. Secondly, yes CBD can make you feel sick if you misuse it. As a general rule, most of us should understand that can cbd make you sick is a question that is entirely dependant on the user. If you use it without professional advice than yes, CBD can make you sick. If you use it under supervision; however, the results will fall entirely on a different spectrum. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because many users even use CBD to calm themselves and relax. Sickness is out of the question if you know the appropriate amount of dosage.

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A General Misconception:

Can CBD make you sick is also a common misconception as this gist can be obtained from users voicing their concern over the internet. Just a single click on Google and you will see hundreds of users claiming that they feel sick after consuming CBD. We want to point out that these users are often inexperienced and are maybe trying CBD for the first time. If that is the case, then chances are the CBD might make you a little nauseous. After all, it is a medicine and is only allowed to use for medicinal purposes, if someone does feel nauseated then the chances are that their body is getting accustomed to using CBD and that can make them sick.

Intensification of Depression:

The other most common misconception is that CBD usage can make a person more depressed. However, scientific research claims that CBD introduces components in a human body that is responsible for lowering down depression or a state of stress. There is no evidence whatsoever that supports the question can CBD oil make you sick. Majority of the studies support the claim that CBD usage will reduce a current depressive state. Many CBD users specifically use CBD to treat anxiety or depression, and their testimonials are supportive of the cause. However, one most point the fact that some users do complain that their depression has been intensified after using CBD. But researches are unable to distinguish between whether the intensification is because of CBD. Instead, it might be because of some underlying reasons.

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Will CBD make you Feel Lethargic or Tired?

The question as you can notice is a little different than can CBD oil make you sick? Well, the truth is that of course, it will not make you sick unless you’re abusing it. However, we would be lying that after using CBD a person might not feel lethargic. The very first CBD drug known as Epidiolex is a trial based drug and is the first drug that has been approved by the FDA. Experiments were conducted, and results deduced which did find out that CBD usage can make a person feel sluggish or tired initially. But small dosage around 20mg will not make you feel tired. Anything above that then the chances become higher. Hence, yes there can be chances that CBD will make you feel tired if you use in high quantities. On the other hand, the question can CBD make you sick is totally out of place.

Will CBD make you Feel Nauseous?

Another question that may need answering is that can CBD make you feel nauseous? This question might be more relatable to can cbd oil make you sick? However, we would like to point out that nausea itself is a somewhat subjective feeling. Many people are ambiguous when it comes to explaining the exact symptoms when it comes to nausea. This is the reason why there’s a lot of fuss out there that CBD can make you feel nauseous. However, the opposite is trying. It might induce symptoms of lethargy or tiredness, but it will not make you sick. Another interesting thing is that many users use CBD for specific ailments and there are chances that the person is already using other drugs for treatment. Using CBD hence can make things complicated and feeling nauseous can be a common symptom.

Can CBD give you Dry Mouth?

Many users experience a dry mouth after using CBD. Experienced users as well as newbies, as dry mouth is a common symptom that users face when they use CBD. This is a standard accepted fact that CBD users go through. Also, this happens for a reason as once a person becomes a regular user and starts consuming CBD more than 40mg, then dry mouth will occur. However, this can easily be combated once you have water with you. Again, if a dry mouth falls under the category of feeling sick then yes CBD can make you sick. However, if you like to drink water, then this problem will not occur. The best way is to have a water bottle with you when you’re about to consume CBD. That way even if you do feel thirsty or get a dry mouth you can always take a few sips.

Does CBD worsen Insomnia?

Sickness falls under a lot of categories, and it is true that insomnia can be classified into illness as well. According to research, CBD does somehow manipulate the sleeping cycle of a person. However, the interesting thing is that there are no clues whatsoever on how it manages it or what changes it makes. Hence CBD and its impact on insomnia are still a little under the shade. Although, the consensus still lies towards the fact that CBD doesn’t worsen insomnia. According to user testimonials it helps in the treatment of insomnia and not the opposite. Like we mentioned before that cbd can make you sick if you consider getting tired as ill. Still, getting tired will only help you in sleeping better. Consensus still lies towards the fact that CBD usage helps them sleep better, but one shouldn’t be surprised if an oddball comes in and claims that cbd has worsened their sleeping condition. This can happen under rare circumstances. Epidiolex trials also list sleep deprivation, poor quality sleep, and insomnia as possible symptoms.

Can CBD cause Eating Disorders?

CBD has anxiolytic properties which in simple terms means that it can reduce stress and depression. These properties, however, have one thing that many CBD users experience. Many claim that using CBD has increased their appetite. This doesn’t imply that it causes a sleeping disorder. Instead, it claims that CBD when it reduces stress it contributes towards a healthy diet.

On the other hand, many people think that CBD reduces weight or appetite. Also, many people even use CBD to lose weight. Hence there is a divided opinion on how CBD impacts a person’s appetite, but one thing is for sure that it doesn’t cause eating disorder. It produces a slight change in eating habits though which depends on how your body reacts. The consensus hence lies towards that it will reduce your appetite not increase it. Typically, you will never question when it comes to the appetite that can CBD oil make you sick?

Can CBD make you feel Disconnected?

Many new users feel that after using CBD, they get disconnected from the outside world. This doesn’t mean that they are claiming that they experience a high. It just points out that they feel disengaged on a personal level with reality. For some people, this can be classified as sickness; however, the causes why people think like this are virtually unknown. The feeling of being disconnected might occur in a person due to some other reason. The truth is that feeling disengaged is slightly a far stretch when it comes to the symptoms themselves. Most people who can also be classified as frequent users of CBD say that they only feel relaxed and calm. If a person feels disengaged, it probably is because of some other reason. Again, we hope that you got the answer to can CBD to make you sick? No.

Can CBD Induce Panic Attacks?

Of course not, not even a single case has also occurred that people suffered some form of a panic attack after CBD consumption. However, yes people have complained about feeling depressed or maybe anxious after consuming it. Still, no such occurrences have ever occurred of a person getting a panic attack from using CBD. Many people claim that CBD has helped them countering panic attacks which itself means that CBD is safe to use. People who do suffer from panic attacks must look into CBD as a possible option of safely avoiding panic attacks.

Can someone Overdose on CBD?

This one is one of the biggest myths out there, and there are virtually no cases that can testify to this claim. No, no one can overdose on CBD regardless of the amount they use. Of course, several other complications can come into play, but we are talking about the quantity that is consumable in practical terms. For example, Even 1g of CBD dose will not result in an overdose. The truth is that many patients who have epilepsy consume around 1g dosage of CBD to avoid epilepsy attacks.

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Can CBD Lead to Addiction?

We have already covered this, and at this point, this is a worthless question. CBD lacks THC which is the compound responsible for the high. Hence, naturally, if you cannot get high, you cannot get addicted to it in the wrong way. Sure, one might feel that using CBD helps them and they won’t be able to function without it, that certainly can be categorized as an addiction. Still, addiction as far as drug usage is concerned there are no pieces of evidence that say CBD can cause addiction. Instead, many people who suffer from addiction try CBD as a substitute for certain drugs.

Can CBD make your Pain Worse?

Pain or inflammation are two conditions that are known to be treatable through CBD. In reality, many wrestlers who go through vicious battles in the ring also use CBD to ease the process of healing. The claims that it might further increase your pain are wrong. CBD hence cannot make your pain worse it improves it.


Can cbd oil make you sick was the question we were trying to address. For this purpose, all kinds of rumored sicknesses were discussed above where people claim that CBD made them sick. The points as mentioned above are research backed as well as go in agreement with customer testimonials. The conclusion is that the question can CBD make you sick is baseless and has nothing to do with reality. It might make you feel sluggish or tired. It might result in a dry mouth, but other than that if you consume according to your prescribed dosage, there are no chances that you will feel sick. If you have any questions or comments, then drop them below!

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