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Can you get addicted to CBD?

Most cannabis enthusiasts know that the “high” you can get from many plant species of the cannabis plant comes from a chemical compound called THC. This compound, which is also called Tetrahydrocannabinol in scientific terms, is found in many “high” inducing cannabis-derived plants, for example, marijuana.  Before you ask, “can you get addicted to CBD(also called […]

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How do you make CBD?

Recently in the recreational leaf market, CBD (also called cannabidiol) is making rounds as the newest alternative medicine with the best therapeutic effects for the user. If you knew better, CBD has around for many years now, in fact, it was what first found in Central Asia when essentially cannabis was discovered there.  With that in […]

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CBD Capsules For Workout Recovery

The mainstream medicine practice has taken its time to accept that marijuana and other herbal treatments are equally effective if not sometimes better alternative medicines for some rare conditions and specific patients. While it’s an indisputable truth with tons of evidence and piles of criticism behind it, the medical marijuana concept has been tested by […]

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Why Smoking Weed Gets You High

Marijuana does, of course, have chemicals in it especially the main offender THC which is the cause of many of pots famed properties and that stays in the user’s system for long after you smoke the substance. This THC and others do not cause the incredible physical cravings that some harder drugs and cigarettes are […]

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What does CBD stand for, and what is it?

What does CBD stand for? Have you heard of the new cannabis oil CBD and you are wondering what it stands for in full or what it is useful for? Well, CBD is cannabidiol, one of the active ingredients in medical marijuana and also found in industrial hemp.  Here is a comprehensive guide to discover […]

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Can you OD on CBD?

CBD has been widely used for its medicinal properties. It is extracted from cannabis and lacks Tetrahydrocannabinol which has psychoactive effects. A concern you may have however, is if you can overdose on cbd as is the case for several drugs in the market. To answer this question, let us take a look at some of […]

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Hemp Oil for Pets

Individuals who have pets dot on the pets they are raising. Many of them will consider pets as their own offspring. They will post photos of them on Instagram on an account specifically made for them. Celebrities even post many of their pet’s photography on accounts of social media. Everyone who has a pet loves […]

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Hemp oil vs CBD – Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

There is a lot of surrounding confusion with hemp seed oil and CBD as people often make comparisons. These comparisons are essential obviously, but they’re necessary for a reason as most people believe that CBD and hemp seed oil are the same. It is not their fault though, as the question is hemp oil the […]

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Top Ten CBD Oil Benefit List

TOP 10 CBD OIL BENEFITS Cannabidiol is one of the two most abundant cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant in its various strains.  There is a lot of research in this area following the legalization of the herb for medical research and applications in many states across the globe. In fact, this sort of research […]



This blog seeks to explain the facts and common misconceptions about the use of kratom in place of cannabidiol (CBD). You will get to know the unique features of CBD, which are more beneficial than kratom, though both CBD and kratom are natural growing herbs but, poses different benefits to the body system. CBD AND […]