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brain health supplements and CBD

6 Top-Rated Brain Health Supplements

Lately, there has been a surge of brain health supplements on the market. And a lot of people are taking them. AARP conducted a survey which showed that 25% of Americans over 50 years of age are taking brain health supplements. People take these in order to boost their memory, cognitive function, alertness, creativity, and […]

motion sickness relief and CBD pills

Bringing Motion Sickness Relief With CBD Pills

If you’ve ever felt nauseated while taking a long ride or got seasick on a boat trip, you’ve felt the uncomfortable sway of motion sickness. Motion sickness is a condition of disturbed body balance and equilibrium.  It is an unpleasant experience characterized by nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, which affects over one-third of the world population. […]

seniors chronic back pain management

Can CBD Help Seniors in Chronic Back Pain Management?

Back pain is the kind of condition that can affect your whole day. From the moment you open your eyes and feel the sharp sting when trying to get out of bed all the way until your day is done and you have finally gotten back to bed. Chronic back pain affects all members of […]

couple veterans and chronic pain management

Chronic Pain Management and CBD – A Veterans’ Helping Hand

US veterans are multifaceted and can be considered a population, a culture, a subculture. They have their own distinct values, customs, ethos, selfless duty, codes of conduct, implicit patterns of communication, and obedience to command. Owing to their line of duty and hazards that it carries, US veterans are also a unique population when it […]


Cooking and CBD Oil – Can I Cook Better With Pure CBD Oil?

  There are various ways how you can take CBD to treat health conditions and several types of pain. CBD users have a basic idea of the fact that many people use pure CBD oil for cooking. It is a unique way of taking the phytocannabinoid and acquiring all the benefits. Before we talk about […]

Benefits of CBD Oil - Food infused with CBD - CBD Oil Dosage

Effects of CBD Intake as Daily Lifestyle

Almost everyone seems to be dabbing CBD oils and taking their CBD dosage from CBD tinctures these days. Here’s what to know before you try. Have you ever think, CBD usage as a daily supplement can make you feel better and enhance your alertness at work or home? You’ve probably heard the term “CBD” as […]

How long does CBD stays in human body

How Long Does CBD Last In Your Body System?

How long does CBD last? Many users will like to know how long CBD chemical properties stay in their body system to know when to stop or reduce their daily intake before a scheduled physical exercise or medical checkup. As indicated in some of our previous blogs, cannabis has not been used for medical purposes […]

CBD Skin Care - CBD Topicals

CBD Skin Care: CBD Topicals – Benefits of Topical Application

Have you ever heard of CBD Skin Care products? Is CBD safe to use on the skin? Whether you’re an avid cannabis user or are just beginning to delve into the world of nonpsycho active CBD, it’s a little-known fact that applying CBD topicals is a great way to administer your daily dose. There are […]

Olympic marathon runner - sunset

The Use of CBD in Workout Recovery

If you are looking into CBD oil online or want to buy CBD hemp oil from a site rather than search around for CBD near me, you may have a lot of questions. From what is hemp to the science behind CBD for workout recovery, we cover it all in this article and we are […]