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With CBD so popular for pain management, relaxation, and nutritional value, it seems the trend nowadays is to infuse it into everything including coffee so why not try and add it to beer or whiskey? Do alcoholic drinks be known to cause weird reactions when used with medicines so what might be the effect of mixing it with medicinal herb CBD? Might one expect it to be the same as getting drunk and then stoned? However, we know for a fact that CBD has no real high factor so what then? We set out to explore with the same curiosity you might have. Traversing the web and finally hitting the streets in pursuit of practical answers.

Is CBD-alcohol infusion for me?

Are you a CBD fan but also a part-time scientist always trying that or the other to find out what the high is like? You have come to the right place, doing your research with these things is better than making yourself your Guinea pig. Somewhere in the world, another card-carrying homebody has already experimented on you and has some results for you to base your hypothesis on. Unless of course it didn’t go well and you don’t want to hurt yourself. Only for educational purposes, here is what happens when you add a tinge of CBD to your alcoholic drinks.

Commercial CBD Beer?

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Yes, it might surprise you to know that there is a commercial product such as CBD infused beer. So CBD is now one of the rich taste you can expect in your favorite cocktail at a bar near you pretty soon. You can’t blame us; we are just so eager to make the most of a practical solution to stress and anxiety. Many CBD users feel that there is such a thing as going too far to disgrace their holy herb, but then it’s a free world right. Moreover, after all, companies want to make good money riding on the good name of CBD. Furthermore, so it’s up to you the consumer to do your independent research to prove the claims they are making lest it is poisonous.

If you are not exactly new to CBD, then you know full well that CBD is a relaxant that can calm your nerves after tough day’s work. It has none of the mind-altering effects of its THC counterpart or that found in alcohol. However, you hit enough bottles of CBD infused alcohol, and you will not be fit to drive. The tango between the two active drugs is impressive because you don’t have to take them simultaneously for them to react.

Anywhere between four to eight hours after taking either, taking the other will because an interaction that could alter your response to both of them combined. Slapping the two together will see the effects kick in instantly even though alcohol and CBD have different absorption rates with the latter being more potent.

According to James Giordano, a professor of neurology and biochemistry at the Georgetown University Medical Center, a few sips of alcohol at dinner could increase your reaction with your regular dosage of CBD before bed. The only time this entourage effect is not present is if the two are taken more than eight hours apart.

What CBD and Alcohol have in common?

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We know that both alcohol and CBD have a relaxation effect and tend to lower inhibitions. This could mean stronger high when combined and longer lasting effects of alcohol. CBD is the king of mellow and lightheartedness and alcohol will add to that. Because alcohol could have various other effects, CBD like guides it home to this end.

When you take too much CBD the effect is heavy sedation which is not a very good effect. You want to be calm but not sleep through a tsunami. This is the reason why doctors will tell you to proceed with caution when you want to mix CBD and alcohol.

For some people, the effect is much stronger than for others, and the only way to tell is through experimentation. As long as you are not about to drive nor operate machinery that requires wakefulness, you should be just fine. It is safer to assume that every glass you gulp counts for three or four giant mugs. You can also halve your CBD ration to test the waters first.

The intoxication level doubles when you take your CBD with alcohol. You will have less control and inhibition, and motor control becomes problematic.  A perfect cocktail if you want to knock yourself out on the weekend or something but highly risky and not recommended.

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How to predict the effect CBD infused alcohol will have on you.

They say it is incredibly easy to predict what kind of effect you will have on CBD and drunk. Just look at your history as a drunk. A happy drunk will be an even happier drunk on CBD. Those who turn angry and violent gain the most because CBD will have a calming effect inhibiting violence.

Is CBD alcohol infusion worth it?

You might be wondering at what point we might recommend. CBD with alcohol. Well, you will be pleased to know that recent study published by the psychopharmacology journal shows that alcohol with BCD reduces blood alcohol content even though it increases the intoxication levels. Additionally, a study using rats confirmed the hypothesis of secondary neurodegeneration due to alcohol when they were given CBD topically.

Alcohol-oxidative damage is the most common form of cell damage. The said study carried out at the Free Radical Biology & medicine concluded that CBD dosages by ingestion prevented this form of degeneration. There has been sufficient evidence that CBD undoes most of the harmful effects of alcohol including degeneration of damaged liver cells preventing fatty liver, inflammation, and hepatitis.

If you check out Cannabis Specialists, they say that there are insufficient study and proof for the benefits or harmful effects of combining alcohol and CBD. One indisputable fact is that getting high and stoned causes the levels of THC in blood to multiply tenfold. This can make one do crazy things or hurt themselves.

If you don’t drink and don’t take CBD regularly and have done so within the last 24hrs then maybe you are on this site to seek knowledge of what might continue happening or what happened last night if you are looking to try, good luck because that is a whole new roller coaster for you to ride. So if you are here looking for a prediction, you predict that you are going to get pretty stoned.

How high can I get with CBD and alcohol combined?

The way CBD choose to react with you or rather the way your body decides to metabolize the herb in the presence of alcohol is up to your genetics. The intensity and lethargy of the high phase and the aftermath hangovers depend entirely on metabolism and varies significantly from user to user.

Regular drinkers will attest to this; there are mad rage drunks, happy drunks, and docile type drunks. Then there are the tankers that will guzzle down an entire caravan of drinks and still walk home half sober. Sorry dude, you can blame the P450 enzyme in the liver. Oh! Moreover, don’t forget your entire lineage from the first man. That’s to say that genetic factors drive the rate at which such enzymes are produced and used. This means each person reacts differently to pretty much any drug on the planet ranging from medicinal prescription drugs at the store to coffee and herbals like CBD.

How high you can get with any drug is a function of your metabolism which is a function of your enzymes borrowing from your race and ethnicity (genetics). That is and can’t be changed easily.

Final thoughts on mixing alcohol and CBD

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While the jury is still out on the effects of the CBD alcohol infusion, it is prudent to take precautionary measures like don’t drink and drive and reducing your cannabidiol uptake on a day you are going out drinking with friends. The cannabidiol part is the one you can very quickly because you take while still 100% sober.

So, given that you don’t have kidney, liver or other dysfunction that makes it unsafe for you to drink, you can go ahead and try the CBD in beer infusion and let us know what you think. Sometimes it becomes harder to pin down the effect of a drug on yourself without a third party to tell you what you are like. Individual interpretations of a high can be so different, and you certainly want a friend’s opinion on this.

That said, excessive alcohol is harmful to your health blah blah blah, and as usual, this is on you in case things go south. Ok, now we have given you the powers to drink and CBD. Explore and be sure to come back for more insights and give us your feedback.

Disclaimer: The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the statements made regarding these products. The efficacy of these products is not confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented here is not meant as a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not intended as an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.

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