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CBD Effects: Why Does CBD Affect People Differently?

Why Does CBD Affect People Differently?

If you’ve ever tried CBD — or have just thought about trying it — you may have wondered whether there are any potential side effects of CBD. Will it harm you? Is it illegal? How come some people seem to be able to take huge doses of CBD, while others can handle only a tiny bit? When it comes to CBD oil, CBD effects can differ from person to person.

CBD oil is often very potent and this is why some people may react to it differently than others. If you have questions about CBD effects or why CBD can tend to affect some people more than others or in different ways, read on!

We have your answers here. Keep reading to learn more. We have everything you may need to know about CBD in this article!

CBD Effects

CBD Effects: CBD oil as paint reliever: Woman suffering migraineThe CBD effects we currently know are widespread and can vary from person to person.

While the Food and Drug Administration has not yet given CBD their official stamp of approval, the horizon looks promising for CBD. It seems that CBD may be able to assist with a wide variety of discomforts and conditions.

What are some of the effects of CBD? The CBD effects are actually numerous.

And, for one, it provides many of the same relaxing and therapeutic benefits that marijuana does. It can offer a lot of the same things that people love about the cannabis plant, just without that foggy headed high.

That’s right — CBD won’t get you high. Yet it will still offer to you the benefits that people tend to love most about marijuana.

Some of the CBD effects you may expect to encounter upon taking your first dose of CBD include a relaxed feeling, an elevated mood, less pain, and sometimes even stronger feelings of peacefulness and wellbeing.

In other words, CBD may work as an analgesic (pain reliever) and also anti inflammatory as well. It can help to reduce nausea, provide relief from chronic pain, and more.

In the next section, we’ll discuss who may take CBD and whether there are any side effects of CBD.

The short answer — and the good news — is that the side effects of CBD tend to be great news! They offer so many therapeutic benefits and present very few drawbacks to accompany them.

Is CBD Safe for Everyone? Are There Side Effects of CBD?

CBD sure is safe for everyone!

That’s because unlike normal marijuana plants, CBD comes from the part of the cannabis family of plants that does not contain the cannabinoid THC. This means it usually comes from the hemp plant, which growers work with to specially produce cannabis that contains no to very little THC.

Why would a grower want to produce a cannabis plant with little THC? Isn’t that the money maker?

Well, not everyone wants marijuana to get high! In fact, this magical plant can serve some amazing uses. For example, people turn to hemp for industrial purposes as well. Industry professionals can turn it into rope, clothing, animal feed, skin care products, and more.

So, as we’ve established, CBD is safe because it will not get you high and does not contain a psychoactive component. That’s what makes CBD so popular for people around the globe. Even children can take CBD in some circumstances!

Young and old alike may be able to benefit from what CBD has to offer. And it all comes without the price tag of losing your day by getting glued to the couch.

CBD for Medical Purposes

CBD also comes in handy for medical patients who face intense methods of treatment.

For example, one of the CBD effects that people love the most is the fact that it can help stop nausea and appetite loss. This is a common complaint from cancer patients who are undergoing the severe but necessary treatment method called chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy, especially when it pairs with radiation, can wreak havoc on a human body. That’s why a lot of cancer patients turn to CBD for protection and relief.

So what are some of the other benefits of CBD? Can normal people without some sort of major condition benefit from it as well?

Of course, the answer is yes! CBD has been the subject of several scientific studies focused on health. Researchers say that some fringe benefits of CBD may include helping to treat acne, relieving pain in joints and arthritis, lowering anxiety and stress, and providing neuroprotective benefits to your brain.

CBD Oil as Acne Treatment

How can CBD help reduce the occurrence of acne?

Well, it seems to work as an anti acne agent because it possesses the ability to reduce the severity and prominence of different primary types of acne. This is great news for those who desperately want their skin to clear up and appear healthy.

CBD for Arthritis Patients

In addition, doctors have administered CBD after the onset of arthritis symptoms in some arthritis patients.

In these cases, the CBD worked to effectively block the progression of the arthritis. This is incredible news for anyone who suffers from this painful, often debilitating, condition.

CBD and Cigarette Cravings in Long Term Smokers

Did you know that CBD may even be able to reduce a cigarette smoker’s cravings for a cigarette?

One study found that in two groups of people who desired to quit smoking, the group that was treated with CBD reduced their intake of cigarettes by nearly half.


CBD for Lowering Stress and Anxiety Levels

In addition, one of the other things that people love most about CBD is that it can help to lower levels of anxiety and stress.

In our busy and demanding world, stress is a part of every day life that we can’t do much to avoid. Instead of giving in to this unfortunate truth, it’s important that we fight for our mental health and do what we can to lower our anxiety and stress levels.

That’s where CBD comes in for a lot of people. It provides some of the same emotionally relieving benefits that marijuana does, just without having to get stoned in the process.

When you ingest CBD oil, it does not produce psychoactive effects. What it does produce, however, is support for a safe and stable mental state.

From here, you can combat anxiety through meditation, visualization, and other healthy ways. Those who suffer from PTSD and anxiety may really enjoy the benefits that CBD offers to them, both mentally and emotionally — and, by extension, physically and psychologically!

Pain in Knee - CBD Effects: Treating arthtitis and pain

The Difference is You: Age, Weight, Gender, and More

So, let’s get down to it. Now that you fully understand some of the most prominent CBD effects — and potential side effects of CBD — when it comes to CBD oil, we can begin to look into why CBD may tend to affect some people differently.

How come your petite sister in law has a supply of CBD that lasts her forever, while you go through yours in a short while? The answer is simple, really. Your bodies are different! Everyone metabolizes food and other substances in different ways. The variation can depend on things like your age, weight, gender, and more.

It’s the same reason that one person can finish off a huge plate of food at an all you can eat buffet and not look a pound heavier, while another person will bloat up after one helping of French fries. Our bodies are built differently and we react to things in different ways.

In addition, CBD oil comes in varying strengths. You have to give it some time and work with yourself to find the right dosage amount for you.

If you are young, you will experience a different feel from CBD than if you are older. If you are heavier, it may take more CBD to have an effect than on someone who is light and thin.

In addition, males tend to need more of a substance to feel the effect than females do. Females may also be more sensitive to the way CBD affects their mood and general wellbeing.

All of these factors can play a part in why CBD can affect people differently. We are all different people with different genetic and chemical makeups. Why would we expect to be able to find a one size fits all when it comes to CBD oil dosage?

The important thing is that you find what works for you.

How to Begin With CBD

Wondering how to get to that place where CBD is working well for you and you know just what you need to take to feel great? Where do you begin with CBD oil? How can you experience some of the most pleasant CBD effects for yourself?

As we said before, CBD can affect everyone in different ways.

How much CBD you take — and whether you take CBD on a daily basis or leave it to semi regular treatments every week or month — will all depend. It will depend on factors like your lifestyle, what you use CBD for, how much you weigh, how old you are, whether you are male or female, and more.

The best way to begin is to start with a very small or low dose of CBD. Take time to see how you feel. Then, if you feel like nothing is happening or you need more to feel the therapeutic benefits and effects, gradually add more to your dose.

You can opt to take more CBD oil — for example, another capsule of CBD or an additional dropper from a tincture — or you can up the strength of the CBD you have.

CBD will come in varying strengths and types, so it’s best to have a few options on hand. You should shop around and see what works best until you decide what you want. Try a few different CBD forms and methods, try varying strengths, and gradually increase your dosage if needed.

This way, you can safely and effectively find your way to a happy medium and a nice balance with your CBD dosage. There is no one size fits all recommendation when it comes to CBD. You should talk to your doctor to see what he or she recommends, which will give you a good starting point.

Of course, always trust the advice of a health care professional and keep that in mind as you begin your CBD oil journey. You want to make sure you are staying safe and keeping your body healthy as you try out CBD for yourself.

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Best Place to Buy CBD Oil

Wondering where you can buy the best CBD oil to experience some of the wonderful side effects of CBD for yourself? The CBD effects you experience may depend a bit on what you take when it comes to CBD.

Some people opt for a muscle rub. Some prefer capsules they can swallow on the go. Still others prefer to vape or even eat CBD.

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