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Those who suffer would know that it’s not a pleasant thing to experience by any means. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain disorder that is found in people with a history of repetitive brain trauma. The brain disorder is not just typical or simple brain damage, but instead a degenerative one in which the brain starts to die off and stops functioning correctly. The degeneration of the brain is closely associated with the abnormal buildup of the protein tau, which tends to trigger the changes in the brain.

The changes may not occur immediately after the trauma is experienced but may take years or even decades to become visible. The varied brain patterns tend to become apparent in the form of the individual’s action and are further confirmed by the MRI and CT scan reports. The average brain is different from a CTE induced brain, as the disorder tends to cause parts of the brain to become burnt. This blog will explore what is CTE and how CBD for CTE can be beneficial.

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CTE most commonly occurs in athletes due to their increased exposure to minor and severe concussions. Not only playing or retired professional athletes are prone to develop this repetitive brain trauma, but even the high school or college level athletes are at a danger of experiencing CTE.

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Symptoms of CTE:

The actual symptoms are highly similar to other conditions which deal with the loss of substantial brain cells like Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. The symptoms are memory loss, confusion, and difficulty in maintaining balance and motor skills. As the motor skills of the affected person deteriorate, the performance of the individual’s daily activities suffers. Moreover, the individual has problems paying attention and organizing their thoughts. Apart from being disoriented, they also undergo personality changes in which they become prey to depression and suffer from suicidal thoughts. The person also becomes highly aggressive and impulsive, causing them to act without properly thinking about the consequences. This will show what is CTE and how CBD for CTE can help.

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Although many researchers have been working on developing and finding a permanent cure for the brain disorder, there has been no significant progress. The procedure is a long-term process which does not provide a cure but instead slight betterment. The caregiver assigned to the individual works to control impulsive behavior and helps them with their constant aggressive moods.

With the constant failure regarding finding proper treatment and cure for what is CTECBD for CTE has emerged as a form of a reliever for many CTE patients. With footballers and many other athletes being at a higher risk of developing the disorder, over the years they have opted for drugs and opioids to ease any form of inflammation or pain which may develop into a permanent brain disorder.

The use of over the counter and unapproved drugs have not only caused the athletes to land themselves into problems, but the addiction and the overdose have led to many fatalities.

As an alternative, the athletes are now encouraged to shift to and make use of CBD instead of the life-threatening drugs. Not only is CBD approved by the health community but also works in inducing relief into the CBD for CTE patients. Although CBD is not a cure for what is CTE, it, however, provides with many relief factors which help with the deteriorating state of the patients.

1.     Neuroprotective properties:

The major problem of what is CTE is its degenerative feature, which mainly occurs due to the constant death of the brain tissue. To prevent the disorder, it is essential to capture the cause of the death of brain tissue and preserve brain matter. The prevention of neurodegenerative disease is possible via CBD as it has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antioxidant properties.

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The success of CBD in providing neuroprotective effects is significantly linked with the concentration of CBD. At a specific concentration, the effect is guaranteed; however, using higher or lower concentration than the specified amount may not yield the desired results. The fact that CBD is currently being used to treat epilepsy and many other brain disorders contributes to its credibility and effectiveness in medical applications.

2.     Reduces pain and inflammation:

CBD is often used as a pain reliever for patients complaining about a constant and severe form of headaches. The people suffering from chronic headaches and pain have reported significant betterment upon using CBD. As headaches are common suffering for CTE patients, CBD for CTE effectively reduces their anxiety, preventing them from using opioids. Overdose of opioids is considerable danger for the CTE patients.

Neurotransmission is inhibited in the brain pathways by the use of cannabidiol, which leads to proper management of the chronic pain without using the over the counter drugs. The pain is not only suppressed and relieved by the use of cannabidiol but also prevents the patient from experiencing the side effects and addiction issues related to opioids. The CBD is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties helping in reducing back aches and pains arising in different body parts.

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3.     Antipsychotic effects:

What is CTE? Well for patients tend to suffer from an extreme form of mental imbalance, aggressive behavior, and dementia. Many studies have shown that the antipsychotic effects of CBD are highly beneficial for mental imbalances and aggressive behavior. The fact that CBD can be consumed in greater dosages without having side effects on the consumer works in favor of the medical applications of CBD. The brain struggles namely dementia, and behavioral issues are controllable with the use of CBD due to its tendency of inducing antipsychotic effects.


4.     Post-traumatic stress help:

The leading cause of CTEis the trauma incurred by the brain. The patient is often found to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after even a minor concussion. Upon being diagnosed by the neurodegenerative disorder like CBD for CTE, the post-traumatic stress tends to heighten, and the brain deterioration takes place even more quickly due to the additional stress. Therefore, it is highly important that the patient is relieved of their post-traumatic stress to ensure that the other pain causing elements can be captured. The PTSD often leads to heightened cases of anxiety and even sleep issues like insomnia.

CBD, with its anti-anxiety and calming effects, helps patients suffering from PTSD by inducing a form of serenity in them. The usage of CBD calms the patients and thus their experienced stress is also decreased. Insomnia causes the patient to remain tired throughout the day, and the lack of sleep adds to their aggressive and bad behavior. The CBD helps with sleep issues by reducing the anxiety of the patient. This allows the patient to get rid of their post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and sleep problems and not use a range of psychoactive drugs.

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5.     Reduces depression and anxiety:

Anxiety and depression are contributing factors towards aggressive behavior and reduction in anxiety and depression lead to a significant improvement in the individual’s mood. Although the connection between fighting depression and CBD is still unclear, however CBD oil tends to affect serotonin levels in the body, which as a result effect depression. CBD tends to cause the serotonin levels of the body to be decreased greatly and thus causing the depression to be reduced. The reduction in depression and anxiety not only contribute towards better moods and behavior of the patient but are closely linked with their rate of recovery. As the patient battles depression, the person can make a speedy recovery from CTE brain damage.

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CTE Research

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a relatively newer brain damage problem which is being studied to great extents. The research regarding the CTE brain damage is currently focused upon determining its effective treatment methods and finding a permanent cure for the suffering individuals. The most common method for diagnosing CTE has been the post mortem reports of the patients, but now the doctors are tracking symptoms and brain changes to determine the existence of the disorder before the patient’s death.

The brain tissues and the cells tend to deteriorate in the CTE disorder. This is increased upon experiencing post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression. The most obvious symptom of brain damage is the continuous worsening behavior of the individual.

The use of CBD has significant advantages for whatis CTE suffering patients as it helps fight PST, reduce anxiety and depression along with reducing headaches and body pains. With no psychoactive components, CBD is a suitable alternative to opioids and the various drugs used to relieve pain, inflammation, and treat mental health issues. The drugs not only have problems related to addiction and overdose but also pose to be a health hazard due to their extensive side effects.

CBD is available in various forms, and the patients can consume it in any way they might prefer. It comes as CBD balms which allow direct infusion of the balm into the skin, while the CBD capsule is a form of oral consumption. CBD vapes, CBD vape pens, and CBD oil are some other forms in which the CBD is available. Despite its different forms, the effects and the desired results are guaranteed. CBD has emerged as a new hope for patients suffering from CTE brain damage as it allows controlling the behavioral issues and helps reduce mental problems.

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