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Why Do CBD Oil Products Affect People Differently?

Wondering why CBD oil products can affect some people but not others? It’s a combination of neuroscience and other factors. Whether you want the short answer or the scientific explanation, we’ll get into it in this article. Keep reading for details.

Have you tried CBD oil? Cannabidiol (CBD) is the marijuana component that fights diseases and improves your mental state. CBD is different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) because CBD is not psychoactive. In other words, CBD does not get users high. It offers a lot of the same therapeutic benefits of marijuana but without the sometimes unwanted side effects.

Still, if you use CBD, maybe you noticed some effects while taking CBD oil products. While CBD will not give you the typical marijuana ‘high,’ it is possible for CBD to make you feel sleepy, happy, and even free of mental and physical issues.

On the other hand, maybe you tried CBD and didn’t feel anything at all. What gives?

In this article, we’ll shed some light on this question. There are a few possible reasons to explain why CBD oil products affect everyone differently.


Everything is in our genes — including the way CBD oil products affect our body. The simple fact of our genetic makeup may affect the way our bodies interact with CBD.

For example, those who have genetic anxiety disorders are more prone to feel paranoid. Most patients with anxiety disorders feel paranoid when using THC but feel relaxed when using CBD. This is because THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect of marijuana.

Without it, a person is free to experience the benefits of CBD. However, getting high or experiencing psycho activity in the brain can be extremely unsettling for anxiety sufferers. They are extra sensitive and have a heightened response to something like THC.

Still, others experience relief when using both CBD and THC products.

Genetic factors can also determine your cognitive function while using CBD. After taking CBD medication, do you have a sharp mind? Or do you feel lazy? Some users even reported delays in short term memory functioning.

Another possible response is that maybe you experience no side effects, but CBD oil doesn’t assist your health condition in any way. There are all sorts of responses your body can make to CBD. As long as you are cautious when you try something new, you should be good to go!

CBD is absorbed in your endo cannabinoids, which are located in your brain. Some people are born with more endo cannabinoids than others. These patients reap more benefits when taking CBD oil. This is the most simple explanation of why genetics can play such a big factor in a person’s response to CBD.

Biological Sex

Yes — even your gender has a lot to do with the way CBD oil products affect you.

Cannabis, in general, affects men and women differently. Generally speaking, women are more sensitive to CBD. In turn, they also experience more CBD benefits, such as pain relief. However, a little will often go a long way when it comes to women taking CBD. They often need a much lower dosage than men or a much lower strength to experience the same effects.

Of course, the flip side is also correct. Because of a typically higher body mass index and increased girth overall, men tend to need a higher dose than women to feel the effects of CBD.

There are a couple of reasons why women experience more pain relief — and most of these affect PMS. Cannabis works closely with estrogen, the hormone most prevalent in women. There are also CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the uterus, targeting PMS pain such as cramps.

Because of these factors, women can often benefit significantly from using CBD. Using it for relief from menstrual pain and other conditions can be especially useful.

Your Lifestyle

Some people are naturally more sensitive to marijuana, which is why CBD oil products work better for some than for others. While these can be determined by hereditary factors, some lifestyle decisions can also interfere with CBD’s effects.

Two of the most common lifestyle factors affected by marijuana include diet and stress.

If your diet is low in fatty acids, your endo cannabinoid system will be affected more by CBD. CBD is a form of a fatty acid, so your body will quickly absorb CBD when it lacks fatty acids. On the flip side, a diet that is high in fatty acids may be less sensitive in general to CBD.

Also, those who live a stressful lifestyle will respond better to CBD. This is welcome news to many people who are strung out and overworked.

Since CBD is absorbed in the CB2 receptors, you feel more calm and relaxed. This occurs because CBD causes serotonin production, which helps make you happy and serene. Many people report a great reduction to their stress levels from using CBD as a supplement to their overall pursuit of health.

Your Physical Health

If you have no health issues, CBD won’t act as dramatically as it does for those with health disorders. Those who are suffering from unfortunate or even debilitating health conditions can experience dramatic change by using CBD oil products.

For example, if a patient has fibromyalgia, they will often report immediately feeling the benefits of CBD oil products. But for those who are healthy and experience no severe pain or health issues, they won’t feel the CBD effects so strongly.

This makes sense; those who need relief can feel it the most. Those who are in a generally good overall state of health may not experience a dramatic change in their overall feelings of wellness since they are already doing all right.

These differences are embedded in every individuals’ biochemistry. Those with a several medical disorder have a different biochemistry than healthier individuals. Because of this, CBD will affect them differently.

Some claim that CBD helps adjust an abnormal biochemistry, making these patients feel ‘normal’ as opposed to ‘high.’ In fact, at times, patients with severe disorders feel they can perform everyday tasks without pain and suffering, like a normal person. This is a huge life change for someone who is not able to go through their daily life without the inconvenience of a debilitating disease.

Your biochemistry also affects your endo cannabinoid balance. If your CB1 receptors are stronger than your CB2 receptors, and vice versa, you won’t experience the amazing health benefits of CBD oil.

Your Psychological Health

CBD improves mental health and can inhibit any feelings of anxiety and depression. Similar to the way your biochemistry affects your physical health, it also affects your mental health.

If you struggle with some sort of mental disorder, you may find additional relief through the use of CBD oil products. On the other hand, if you’re mentally stable and do not have chemical deficiencies in your brain, you likely will not experience significant changes when using CBD oil products. CBD can be a huge help to someone who is battling a condition like anxiety or depression. Their chemistry levels of certain chemicals in the brain are partially to blame for the mental illness, and CBD is thought to help restore that.

Like physical health, those with mental health issues can greatly benefit from using CBD. They may be able to do everyday tasks without feeling depression, anxiety, and other mental health ailments. However, mentally healthy individuals may not experience many benefits when taking CBD, at least not mentally.

Your Tolerance

You’ve probably heard of marijuana tolerance, but you think only THC is affected by tolerance. However, using too many CBD oil products can increase tolerance in the same way.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, the gist of it is that as you use more marijuana, you need more of it to feel the same effects. In other words, you may feel hugely different from your very first dose of THC. The next time you go to use THC, however, that very same amount will not produce the same effect in you. Regular THC users need to take in more and more of a cannabis substance in order to feel the same high.

It seems that the same can happen with CBD.

When you’re first prescribed CBD, you’re usually prescribed a small dose. But when you constantly use CBD, your tolerance increases and you are less sensitive to the CBD benefits. When this happens, you need a stronger dosage.

This is a normal occurrence in the world of cannabis. However, it is something to be aware of before you start. You may begin to need more and more as you go, which also means your budget may have to increase accordingly.

Alternatively, some people take detox breaks of a sort to help their body reset, recalibrate, and readjust back to lower tolerance. This can help prevent your body from building too high of tolerance too quickly.

Using Different Strains

Sometimes, the difference isn’t in the body — it’s in the strain itself. Many people do not recognize this distinction. There are multiple marijuana strains with varying levels of endo cannabinoids. Some are high in THC. Others contain no THC but more CBD.

Depending on the strain of marijuana, the effects can greatly differ. For example, indica strains produce a more relaxed feeling. Sativa strains can be more creatively inspiring, energizing, and motivating.

Therefore, you’ll have different experiences with each CBD strain. It’s normal to react strongly to a certain CBD strain but not feel any effects when taking another strain. You have to find what works for you and stick with that. It may take some time to figure out what interacts the best with your body.

If you experience this issue, stick to the CBD oil products that benefit you the most.


Have you used CBD oil products and didn’t feel anything? CBD may not affect you, but that doesn’t mean THC will have no effect. Those who constantly use THC may not feel the strength of CBD. It tends to be a more mild effect that THC users may not notice when they first begin.

Most marijuana strains contain a combination of THC and CBD. Street marijuana isn’t monitored like medicinal and even recreational marijuana.

Most marijuana users consume street marijuana, which is heavily THC-based. Therefore, they become used to the THC. To continue feeling the effects of marijuana, they must continue to use THC products.

But even recreational marijuana is becoming more THC-potent than CBD. CBD helps counteract THC, but heavy amounts of THC will make the user develop a tolerance.

Will You Use CBD Oil Products?

CBD oil is loaded with health benefits. But not all users experience the benefits of CBD. While CBD does work to repair your system, those without mental and physical ailments won’t feel these improvements.

CBD also works differently for each; this is based on variety of factors such as gender and genetic makeup. If you’re prone to feel THC effects, this can also alter the way you experience CBD.

But even though you don’t feel CBD, understand this potent cannabis compound is still improving your body and mind.

If you want to try the healing properties of CBD for yourself, take a look at our products.


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