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10 Surprising CBD Oil Effects on the Body

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There are many surprising CBD oil effects on the body. Learn more about them and how you can use CBD oil in your daily life.

CBD Oil’s Effects on the Body

You’ve probably heard of the purported benefits of products like CBD oil, but perhaps you’re skeptical? That’s okay. Many people are hesitant to put their trust in something new — especially when it has been on the other side of quite a bit of propaganda over the years.

Well, what if we told you that this miracle oil is changing people’s lives in drastic ways? As an example, one survey showed that almost half of people using CBD products stopped taking their traditional medicine. This is ground breaking! 80% of those described the products as ‘very or extremely effective.’

That’s a pretty impressive endorsement. No, there is not enough scientific evidence to back it up yet, but all these people must be on to something.

If you’re ready to give CBD oil a try, you’re probably wondering what it can help with.

The answer’s a long one. That’s because CBD oil is showing potential therapeutic benefits for everything from treating pain to relieving anxiety. And, as we learn more, the possibilities are endless.

We’re sharing a list of ten surprising CBD oil effects on body and mind functioning. Keep reading to get informed.

1. Reduce Acne

There is emerging evidence that CBD could help to suppress acne. One trial using CBD has been described as ‘a huge success’ in treating acne.

Moreover, the CBD treatment didn’t contribute to skin irritation, and no adverse side effects were recorded.

With so many acne treatments causing a plethora of unpleasant side effects and painful skin irritation, CBD oil is looking like an attractive alternative.

If you’re struggling with acne, keep an eye on the developments in CBD treatments. If you’ve tried it all, it might just be able to help you. It’s worth a try to apply it topically, since it really couldn’t hurt.

2. Help Quit Smoking

Have you tried everything, and still can’t quit smoking?

CBD oil could be the answer for you.

In one study, a group of smokers was each given an inhaler. Half of these inhalers contained a placebo, while the other half contained CBD oil.

The results showed that the group with the CBD inhaler experienced fewer cravings and smoked 40% fewer cigarettes. That’s an incredible statistic for people trying to quit smoking. If CBD can genuinely help and can reduce the number of cigarettes a person smokes per day, it could add years to their life.

If it even made a small difference in cigarette consumption, families and lives would change. You can’t argue with those stats!

3. Treat Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a seriously painful condition. It is a disease of chronic pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, sufferers often see little improvement. This is even when using strong anti-inflammatory drugs and opioid painkillers.

There is evidence that taking CBD oil helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Anecdotal evidence from sufferers is widely available. Many are claiming that CBD helps them with their chronic pain problems.

CBD oil has fewer side effects than strong prescription drugs. That is a huge part of its appeal for those looking to treat fibromyalgia pain. Finding relief from chronic pain is a major goal of people who spend every day in agony.

4. Ease PTSD Symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder can be debilitating. Being haunted by the horrors of a past experience can seriously hold a person back in everyday life. Sufferers often struggle to find relief using traditional medicine, since the battle takes place in the mind.

Stress and anxiety are two of the most challenging symptoms of PTSD. However, patients have reported positive effects after using CBD oil. Since CBD oil is shown to reduce anxiety, this makes sense.

In combination with talking therapies and other treatments, CBD oil can have huge benefits for PTSD sufferers. Of course, it must be used in combination with other forms of help. No one should have to battle through mental illness on their own.

5. Treat Crohn’s Disease

Could CBD be the answer to bowel diseases like Crohn’s? At its core, Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory illness of the intestines and digestive tract. It can cause severe abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, and worse.

It often affects a person’s everyday life in significant ways. People with Crohn’s Disease usually have to eat a special diet and get regular checkups and screenings due to an increased risk of cancer.

Some scientists think CBD oil might be able to help. They point to the fact that CBD interacts with gut function and provides anti-inflammatory effects. In combination, these two properties could work to improve gut function and reduce pain for people living with Crohn’s.

The community certainly deserves further research and investigation. Still, to many people, it’s definitely worth trying CBD oil if you’re struggling with a bowel disease.

6. Beat Insomnia

Is there anything worse than not being able to fall asleep? It can be so miserable to lie awake at night while feeling exhausted and longing for sleep. What about not being able to fall asleep when there’s actually an effective cure out there.

Tiredness is sometimes highlighted as an adverse side effect of using CBD. However, it’s a huge bonus for anyone who struggles with insomnia. Getting help falling asleep can make a world of difference.

In combination with its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, this tiredness inducing property makes CBD oil ideal for anyone who can’t sleep.

While traditional sleeping pills often have lots of side effects, plus a risk of addiction, CBD is safe and non-habit forming. This makes it a great natural alternative to turn to in place of the usual sleeping pills.

7. Reduce Inflammation After Exercise

CBD is becoming more and more popular with athletes. This is because athletes see the benefits both when recovering from injuries, and as a regular part of their workout routine.

CBD oil can help to ease the inflammation that’s common after high-intensity exercise. This serves to quicken recovery time and to decrease post-workout discomfort. In other words, athletes report feeling less sore after tough workouts when they complement their regimen with CBD.

For athletes recovering from a long term injury, CBD oil is an excellent choice for pain relief. In part, this is because it’s non-habit forming. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties could speed up recovery.

Sick of experiencing pain and soreness after working out? Add CBD oil to your post-workout routine and see how it goes for you.

8. Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is a huge issue in the US and around the world. It can affect all ages and all walks of life, and it’s notoriously difficult to treat.

However, hope is on the horizon. Many anxiety sufferers have seen significant improvements to their symptoms after using CBD oil.

Why is this? What can CBD possibly do to help ease people’s minds and assuage their fears?

Pure CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive compound THC, but it still has marijuana’s ability to help soothe and calm. This offers a fantastic benefit without the side effect of getting high.

As well as generalized anxiety, CBD oil could help with panic disorders, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and mild depression.

This is largely due to the fact that studies have suggested that CBD could help boost serotonin production and regenerate neurons in the brain. In other words, this means that it works similarly to traditional anti-depressants. However, the critical difference is that it comes without the nasty side effects.

Of course, the FDA has not yet approved CBD as any form of treatment or cure for anxiety. Still, it may help some people, so it’s worth giving it a try.

9. Prevent Seizures

Suffering from seizures is no joke, particularly when they’re very frequent. These can severely limit a person’s life because they are often unpredictable. Having a seizure disorder bars you from being allowed to drive cars, operate machinery, and more. It’s a very unfortunate condition to struggle with.

There’s growing evidence that CBD oil can help to reduce and prevent seizures in those who have epilepsy.  The anecdotal evidence that is beginning to surface is astounding. One young boy who suffered up to 100 seizures a day was seizure-free for 300 days after being prescribed CBD by his doctor.

Scientists do not yet know exactly why CBD can help with seizures, but new research is taking place all the time. If you’re struggling to find relief from seizures and traditional medicines aren’t working, it’s worth asking your doctor about CBD. You may find that this miracle oil helps you, too.

10. Provide Pain Relief

One of the most popular uses of CBD oil is simple: pain relief. People of all ages, races, and nations deal with pain. Sometimes it’s short term pain following an illness or injury. Sometimes it’s a chronic long term pain condition. Either way, pain can put a severe cramp in everyday life — no pun intended.

Whether it’s a one-off pain after an injury, or chronic pain as a result of a long-term condition, CBD oil has lots of potential benefits. Unlike strong opioid painkillers, CBD doesn’t have dangerous side effects. Even more importantly, it’s not habit forming so that it won’t lead to addiction.

The CBD oil effects on body pain can be surprising — especially since it’s a natural product. Before turning to strong drugs to treat pain, it makes sense to try CBD. It may not be the cure-all for you, but if it helps to lessen your pain, then it has done its job.

Why Learn About CBD Oil Effects on Body Functioning?

It’s clear from the list above that CBD has a wide range of potential benefits. According to people around the world, CBD can help to relieve symptoms of a vast array of conditions. It’s essential that we as a society encourage scientists to continue to dig into all the possible ways CBD oil can help us.

Learning more about CBD oil effects on body functioning is smart for a few reasons.

For one, you might finally figure out how to alleviate symptoms that traditional medicines haven’t helped with. This can be a huge relief if you are desperate for a solution. Being able to turn to a natural remedy instead of a pharmaceutical drug can be truly life-altering for people who have to battle the side effects of traditional prescription medications.

Also, you could also learn how to avoid strong prescription medicines. That’s important because these medications can cause dangerous side effects and even lead to addiction or dependence. Even people who do not have addictive tendencies can become physically addicted to these powerful drugs. Taking CBD oil helps eliminate this risk of abuse because it is not something that the body grows to depend on.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or just want to speed up your recovery after a workout, you need to know about the CBD oil effects on body functioning. You may even want to try it for yourself. If so, browse our website for high-quality CBD products.

Want to learn more about the medical uses of CBD? Check out our blog for all the latest info.


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