Flying with CBD Oil

Flying with CBD Oil?

The thought of going on vacation trips and relaxing at your desired destination is always thrilling. The means of getting there can be stressful sometimes, especially when you’re traveling on the plane for many hours. Traveling should primarily be a way to de-stress whether you’re flying abroad to relax on a sandy beach or checking out the international boundaries and landmarks. For whatever reasons you are flying overseas, you didn’t decide on a journey so that you could feel so anxious or found yourself in psychological trauma. Flying with CBD oil is primarily aimed to alleviate various forms of traveling discomforts. It’s not new that, CBD oil treatment has yielded positive results as a legitimate therapy for varieties of health disorders. As such, many travelers may not want to relinquish this pure substance, when they’re traveling.

Flying with CBD Oil

Why would you fly with CBD oil?

Some travelers use CBD oil for an emergent purpose of alleviating natural flying anxiety, without experiencing the ugly side effects of conventional medications like benzodiazepines. Many travelers who fly with CBD oil do so for a myriad of reasons. CBD has been shown to have a positive effect on several new health ailments including anxiety, seizures, short term heart palpitation, nausea, and sleep disorder. The long list of CBD goes on, but many travelers may specifically want to fly with CBD oil. It may be just because of their phobia of flying.

While some travelers might take orthodox tranquilizers or sip alcoholic drinks before the flight schedule, to calm themselves. Others who prefer a more natural medication might prefer something like CBD oil instead of conventional medicines. Several scientific studies have shown that one of the significant benefits of CBD oil, is that, it produces an anti-anxiety effect on users. This can also be the primary reason why some travelers fly with CBD oil. But if you’re a regular CBD user looking to fly abroad, you might be worried about finding yourself in that common calming situation.

Despite, the relative importance between CBD oil and the significant reduction of adverse side effects of various medical conditions, many travelers still worry about getting caught flying cannabinoid products. Will possession of CBD oil on the plane cause you trouble when crossing inter-state, national or international airlines?

Will I get in trouble at the security checkpoint with a CBD Product?

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For many CBD users looking to get a soothing trip experience, this prompts an essential question in their mind: Can I fly with CBD oil even though cannabis is considered illegal in the state I’m flying to? store wants you to understand how to fly safely with your CBD oil tincture. So, you can continue to enjoy that calming and relaxing sensation even on the most hectic traveling days. Therefore, this blog seeks to explain the few things to keep in mind when you’re flying to your desired destination, to ensure you don’t get into a foggy case with the transport security administration agency (TSA).

Couple months ago, a TSA spokesman gave a brief note about flying with CBD products. “TSA screening procedures are governed by federal law and designed primarily to detect threats to aviation security. TSA officers do not specifically search for illegal drugs. If an officer discovers an item that may violate the law during security screening, even in states where cannabis is legal, TSA will refer the matter to law enforcement to determine how to proceed. New states laws have not changed any procedures for TSA.”

So, while the TSA is not ultimately searching for illegal substances, their policy is to call local law enforcement agencies, if they do come across any illegal content at their checkpoint. At that point, there are no certainties about what the outcome of the situation.

Can I take my CBD Oil on International Flight?

Almost everyone knows that flying across various drug restrictive states and countries with cannabis can be illegal. The government of some underdeveloped countries has declared it a restrictive drug. This means, if you’re caught in flying with cannabis outside of a legalized state, you can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law of the state.  The regulations of drugs and medications are dependent on each state.

If you are flying interstate or internationally, it’s best to reach out to a reliable company that sells medical cannabis beforehand to clearly understand if you qualify for flying in with medical cannabis in that state. Also, remember that your home-state laws, regulations and your medical cannabis card are all irrelevant if you’re caught to be in possession of cannabis-related products in a state where it’s not tolerated. None of your home-state cannabis legality proves it will be a credible defense wherever cannabis is illegal. It is also worth knowing that CBD oil products, with more than 0.3% THC chemical profile are considered to be from marijuana. So they would likely fall under the TSA guidelines on Medical Marijuana.

How about THC Free CBD Oil?

Fortunately, pure CBD oil is not often classified as an illegal substance in many countries of the world. Pure CBD oil is the non-psychoactive extract of the cannabis that is used for medicinal purposes, but the cannabis plant itself is still prohibited federally in many states.

However, pure CBD oil must not contain THC substance, trace amounts of THC compound might be considered legal by TSA in the case of a full spectrum CBD oil. The legal status of full-spectrum CBD oil is solely determined by the percentage of THC compound present in it. If you purchase CBD oil at the HealthworxCBD store, you will be provided with a full product description including the percentage of each chemical profile present in the CBD oil.

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How much CBD Oil can I bring?

When you’re already at the airport, your luggage will need to go through a thorough security check. This means your CBD oil will need to pass through their checking scrutiny. Since CBD oil is a legal substance, you shouldn’t face any trouble at the checkpoint. However, the security agency at the airport might go the extra mile to double-check the CBD oil, because of its liquid state of nature, and thus they might decide how much CBD oil tincture you’re bringing with you.

The TSA guidelines also limit the amount of liquid substance per container to not more than 3.4 fluid ounces. That is, under 100 ml for products such as CBD oil, toothpaste, and cough syrup. If you bring any supplement bottle larger than that, you might be instructed by TSA agents to either pay a courier to mail it back home or throw it away before your luggage is free from the checkpoint scrutiny. The limit and standards by the TSA guidelines are non-negotiable. And, no amount of manipulations with the TSA agent will get you to easily by-pass through the checkpoint.

But is it worth the risk?

Flying with CBD Oil 2018It’s essential to clearly distinguish your aims and objectives of flying with CBD oil. Before deciding to take along CBD oil products with you on your air travels, it’s essential to establish your reason for flying CBD products, because having any form of cannabis products on you could sometimes amount to some severe interrogation than you might want. Though the majority of people flying with CBD oil, do so in order not to be without their medicinal drug or daily food supplements.

Do you intend to fly CBD oil as a retailer or as an ordinary CBD oil user? Some states or countries are much more restrictive concerning the retail distribution of CBD oil products; some states set a separate law to regulate the retail distribution of CBD oil, as well as different law regarding personal use. For example, depending on individual state or country laws, producing CBD oil in one state and flying it to another state for retail distribution purposes can potentially get you into trouble in both home and away borders.

CBD Oil’s legality

Though, CBD oil is a legal product in almost every state in the United States. Sometimes you can’t fly with some forms of CBD oil product. This is due to errors on the manufacturer’s end for not correctly labeling the percentage of each chemical profile present in the product. Even if you’re flying to another state where CBD oil is entirely legal. Before you pack your CBD oil tinctures, take an in-depth look at the packaging label.

Even one that says, more than 0.3% of THC is present in the oil is not safe to fly with, as regards to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), alongside with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes non-psychoactive CBD products, so when it comes to flying with CBD oil, it must have a THC chemical compound below 0.3% to be. Thus, users are advised to purchase their CBD oil needs exclusively from a reputable and trusted brand with a certificate of analysis from a reliable laboratory that explicitly outlines the chemical profile of the CBD product.

How should you do it?

The only surest option you can safely fly with is pure CBD oil, or CBD isolates oil, with a clear product label. Also, you can play safe and bring a small dose of CBD oil with you to the airport and keep the rest at home, while you ingest the small dose before you fly. The ugly scenario you wouldn’t want to see is to watch your tincture bottle get tossed or confiscated when you’re on your way to having an awesome vacation. If the CBD oil you are flying with contains any trace of THC chemical compound. It’s essential you fully understand the exact CBD to THC ratio to ascertain you’re not breaking any TSA rules and regulations.

Additionally, there are a few precautions that you should try to consider before deciding to fly with your CBD oil. All liquids including the CBD oil tincture bottle must adhere to TSA rules regarding the amount per bottle size. All forms of CBD oil products must be clearly labeled and sealed in an odor-free package. Laboratory reports details should accompany the CBD oil product proving a THC content of less than 0.3%.

To ensure not getting into troubles flying with your CBD oil product. Consider reviewing the latest TSA guidelines for the most recent publication regarding traveling by air requirements and restrictions. As long as you abide by the TSA requirements, you should probably have no problems flying with your CBD oil. At the end of the day, airport or airline security authorities have the utmost decision on what may be permitted on their airlines.

Final Words:

Unlike THC, CBD is a legal cannabinoid to use; it is derived from the industrial cannabis plant. Cannabis has been a medical plant that’s been used for many decades to produce alternative medical products that are widely available everywhere. Therefore there should be no reason for you not to fly with CBD oil or encounter problems when you travel with CBD oil products within the legalized states and countries.

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As long as you’ve taken all possible precautionary measures to ensure that the CBD oil product contains no traces of THC compound (or no more than 0.3% THC compound present in the case of full-spectrum CBD oil), and you’ve got the appropriate product package with clear and specific laboratory result labeled on it to back it up, you should be able to conveniently fly with your CBD oil, so you can continue to benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD oil, no matter what happens to the go. If you’re getting ready to fly abroad for whatever reason, and need a CBD oil to keep you calm, while on the journey, you can check our website at HealthworxCBD store and contact our customer support about your desired options.

We’ll help you find the right CBD oil product that suits your journey and help you achieve the calming sensation, without having to worry about a potentially illegal high or TSA restriction. Now that you know about the rules of flying with CBD oil, you’re ready for CBD oil products. Flying with medical CBD oil supplements with the help of the HealthworxCBD store is comfortable and convenient. Get started today.


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