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Healing effects of CBD and terpenes

CBD terpenes got the attention of health enthusiasts after the legalization of CBD and medical cannabis. They are the latest sensation in the industry due to its impressive health benefits and healing effects.

Manufacturers started using CBD terpenes as the base ingredient to enhance the taste. Not only that, they include terpenes to elevate the quality as well. CBD terpenes do have some unique health benefits, and it provides a synergistic effect when paired with CBD and other cannabinoids.

To brief, terpenes are the primary ingredients in several medicinal oils. Until the last few years, terpenes were just seen as a part of essential oils and therapeutic oils. However, the growing demand for specific terpenes shows that people got enlightened with the knowledge about CBD terpenes.

Read on to learn about CBD terpenes, their characteristics, and their healing effects.


What are CBD terpenes?

CBD terpenes are the lipid molecules available in the cannabis strains, flowers, and leaves. Terpenes are available in all the fruits, plants, and trees as well. There are quite a lot of varieties based on their origin, flavors, aroma, and healing properties.

Biologically they can be classified based on the carbon count or Isoprene (5 carbons per isoprene unit) present in their structure. There are three major categories of terpenes, namely di-terpenes, sesqui-, and mono-. Also, there are a lot of terpenes that you might have already known. Below is the list of terpenes we know by far.

  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Ocimene
  • Humulene
  • Terpinolene

Flavors and healing effects of terpenes

Pinene – the uplifting terpenes

Pinene is largely available in the strains and oils of cannabis, rosemary, and coniferous trees. A study shows that it has healing properties that can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

It reduces inflammation, muscle stiffness, and constant muscle pains. It also can reduce the muscle swellings caused by osteoarthritis. Besides, it offers a pine fragrance that can offer you an uplifting effect. And, this CBD terpene can help in short-term memory retention.


Myrcene is a monoterpene present in thyme, hops, mango, and lemongrass. As per studies, myrcene shows cytotoxic effects on tumor cells. Cytotoxic drugs and chemotherapy are common treatment methods that are used to kill cancer cells and tumor cells.

Myrcene is a wonderful CBD terpene that tastes and smells like musk, cloves, cardamom, and mango. And, it is also an excellent option to achieve muscle relaxation and to manage sleeplessness.

Limonene for anti-inflammatory effects

Limonene is a very familiar CBD terpene that is also available in citrus family fruit rinds. Peppermint, and the juniper tree. It tastes and smells like citrus, and it is most commonly used in room-fresheners, car sprays, and deodorants.

Limonene reduces inflammation in the lungs, and it suppresses the production of inflammatory cells. It is helpful in treating acute lung injuries, as well. Moreover, limonene is a perfect mood-freshener.


Linalool is another CBD terpene that is widely used as a fragrant in room fresheners and perfumes. It possesses floral fragrances, and it smells more like lavender. It is abundantly available in lavender and birch-bark.

Linalool possesses pain-relieving properties and is mostly used as an ingredient in topical products. When paired with edible products, it kills the inflammatory cells and relieves pains caused by lung diseases.

Alpha and Beta-caryophyllene

A and B caryophyllene are the most useful CBD terpenes that offer a wide range of health benefits. It helps to prevent and reduce the inflammation caused by Parkinson’s disease. It prevents tumor growth, and it prevents the growth of cancerous cells. Further, it is helpful in treating metabolic issues.

Caryophyllenes tastes like pepper, clove, and wood. It is largely present in cloves, black pepper, and cotton. Given the number of healing effects, manufacturers include this terpene as an ingredient in most of their cannabis-derived products.


To be honest, we need more studies and researches on the health benefits of this CBD terpene. However, ocimene seems to have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It offers a woody smell paired with subtle herbaceous scents.


Humulene is more of a flavor and fragrance, unlike other CBD terpenes. It tastes and smells like wood and earth. Humulene is widely used in hops brews and cannabis-derived products for its rich flavors. Nevertheless, it has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Also, humulene is known to suppress appetite. This CBD terpene is largely available in wood and hops.


What is the entourage effect that pertains to THC, CBD terpenes, and other cannabinoids?

Cannabis or hemp-based products come with cannabinoids and terpenes. Each of these cannabinoids and terpenes has individual healing effects. For instance, THC is known for its psychoactive effect and pain-relieving properties. Cannabidiol is known for its anxiolytic properties. All the other cannabinoids possess a wide range of health benefits individually.

Likewise, terpenes possess unique healing effects. When all these components mix together, it creates a synergistic impact on our endocannabinoid system. Such impact tends to be way powerful and more intense than the impact created separately by these components. It is also known as the entourage effect.


What is the difference between the various CBD terpenes?

As we already know, each terpene possesses varied taste and fragrance. Likewise, all terpenes are not the same when it comes to healing effects. Having said that, each product offers a varied impact on consumption.

In some cases, CBD brands add terpenes derived from strains, fruits, and flowers other than cannabis. They do that to maintain the same taste and flavor in all batches.

Manufacturers remove THC using a separation process after extracting the oil from the cannabis or hemp strains. In the process, most of the terpenes tend to wash away. So, it becomes necessary to include terpenes from plants and flowers other than cannabis.


An outlook

Terpenes are the lipid molecules found in nature. Just like the cannabinoids, terpenes also possess several health benefits. Terpenes were only used for aromatherapy, and as a fragrant in deodorants and room fresheners. Terpenes become a hot topic after the legalization of medical cannabis and CBD.

Moreover, the entourage effect of terpenes and cannabinoids tends to be very effective. For that reason, people started preferring terpene based CBD products to a large extent. To attend to the demand, CBD brands also increased their product offering that contains various terpenes with varied health benefits.


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