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Individuals who have pets dot on the pets they are raising. Many of them will consider the pets as their own offspring. They will post photos of them on Instagram on an account specifically made for them. Celebrities even post many of their pet’s photography on accounts of social media. Stephen King, who is a renowned author calls his dog a thing of evil (that’s right it’s the dog’s name). He posts the dog’s photography on Instagram and dots on it like he used to do for his children (They are older now). Just like Mr. King, everyone who has a pet loves them with all of their heart and soul. They consider them family and play with them all the time.

In turn, a pet also pays its master back, and when it does it does it royally. Most of the dogs will guard the premises of the master and will be willing to give its life for the master’s family. Cats also make their own benefits for their masters or owners. Did you know cats have a couple of health benefits attached to it? These benefits can range from saving the owner’s life to calming effects in the house for the family and owner. Cats also make the grieving process for humans much easier and more comforting (they can act as good listeners).

We love our pets and they love us back (without all the drama involved in a human to a human relationship). So it just hurts like hell when they are diagnosed with an ailment or the effect of old age. We cannot or should not see our pets sniveling and writhing with pain.

It hurts us more when that pain becomes unbearable for your pet and you can see in their eyes that pain is excruciating for them. What happens next is that you take your pets to veterinarians. They check the pet and consult you afterward. Soon you get the bad news and much of the information about the ailment. Sometime later you also get to know about the symptoms and the complications of an ailment your pet is suffering from. Now you know why they were in excruciating pain and why their eyes were relentlessly weeping. This is where hemp oil for pets or CBD oils comes to the rescue. 

Some history of Hemp oil:

There has been evidence of hemp plant’s usage in history as a medicinal plant. In the ancient time of 2800 B.C, China used to make hemp fiber from it that was essentially used in making ropes and sacks. They also used it for medicinal purposes as the plant was used for relieving pain and inflammation at that time by the ancient Chinese. Afterward, as early as the 16th Century Europe also began using it for medicinal purposes.

Hemp oil for pets and CBD: The painkillers of your pets

We already know that the use of hemp or hemp derived CBD oil by us humans is on the rise. Even more so after the announcement of WHO (World Health Organization) giving its blessing to the good effects of CBD (Cannabidiol). Somehow some intelligent human being also had the idea of using it for the pets so that the owners of pets can reap the benefits of hemp. It is available as hemp oil for dogs, hemp oil for cats and hemp oil for many other types of pets.

Many studies along the previous years, again and again, have come to the same conclusion. That hemp is very good for a living organism, especially when it comes to the relief of pain. In us humans, it has been known to kick the complications and symptoms relating to different ailments out of our system.

Many companies that manufacture either CBD products or pet products are also dwelling in the production of CBD hemp oil for pets. Now, this hemp oil for pets can help you ease the pain of your pet in considerable ways.

How hemp oil for pets and CBD helps your pet:

Many pet parents and prospective buyers of hemp oil for pets think that it’s only for the aging pets. There are many health and nutritional benefits that help your pet through the hemp seed oil for pets. And through these benefits of hemp oil for pets (Will be explained in the next section)  the pain and overall life of your pet are helped effortlessly.  Hemp oil for pets is available in many different forms like edibles and the oil itself. Now, these are the forms that are available for your pets, which means it can be taken by your pet very easily no matter what. 

Now the reasons that make this oil a super supplement or superfood for your pets:

Let’s solve the confusion first. While CBD is very much related to Hemp but they are actually different strains of one plant called cannabis sativa (hemp) more popularly known as Cannabis that derives from a hemp plant.

They are both getting popular in realms of demand of the masses for their benefits and easy to use ways. Hemp oil is especially valuable to humans and animals alike because of its nutritional value and the array of nutrients (which are vital to health) that it contains.

CBD and Hemp are two different things though. CBD comes from the stalks, buds, and the leaves of a hemp plant that is fully grown. Hemp instead comes from the seeds of the hemp plant itself. CBD helps manage pain and other things like inflammation. Hemp oil instead acts as a supplement of nutrition that indirectly helps with the pain. As for edibles hemp oil is also available as Rx vitamins for pets hemp oil.

The benefits of hemp oil for pets are:

  • Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA): This nutrient is Omega-6 fat that is vital for health in humans and animals like dogs. This nutrient can be deficient even in many of the healthy pets. These are the building blocks of prostaglandins that are essentially hormone-like substances in a living organism. Prostaglandins are used for fighting inflammation in the body and are also used to help with many body functions. Allergies, arthritis, premature aging, digestive issues, and cancer, as well as skin problems, can stem because of GLA deficiencies. All of these can be very painful. And if your pet has had of one of these from the hemp oil for pets you do not need to worry about the pets pain in future. One can give their pets hemp oil for pets because of this, just for the sake of caution. 
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids: Did you know even dogs can suffer from arthritis? Well, they can and its very painful. Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid) fatty acids are found in the Hemp oil for the ratio of 1 to 3. Omega 6 builds up inflammation and the Omega 3 treats it. Some inflammation is good for a living body as it helps recover the affected area. Together they work together to keep the inflammation in check. Too much Omega 6’s can lead to excessive inflammation and too many Omega 3s in can lead to immune system dysfunction. Omega 3 fats also benefit the eye, skin, heart, bone, immune system and other bodily functions. They are found considerably in Hemp oil for pets in the form of Rx vitamins for pets hemp oil.
  • Phospholipids: These are molecules that originate in the outer membrane of the cells in the body of a living organism. They are used to keep the internal structure and the environment of the cell in check. This is called homeostasis and absence of these can lead to inflammation of the different parts of the body that induce pain. Hemp oil for pets has got these in dietary form. 
  • Antioxidants: The antioxidants called Vitamin A (Carotene) and Vitamin E helps fight the oxidant stress in a pet. When a pet inhales pollution, various fumes from different medicine and etcetera, it absorbs these fumes and induces oxidative stress. It is called free radical damage when something like this happens inside the body, as the oxidative stress causes damage to cells, DNA and proteins of its body. These are available in abundance inside hemp oil for pets.
  • It is safer than fish oil that is used to curb inflammation and pain: Fish oil and hemp oil have similar properties when it comes to treating inflammation and pain. But fish oil has to be heated for processing it yet hemp oil has to be kept in cold for its longer shelf life. Heating a fish oil can make it rancid when it goes into the belly of your pet or any animal because of the heating. Fish oil can also contain toxins, contaminants, and mercury that can be harmful to your pet. Hemp oil for pets, on the other hand, is naturally grown from the hemp plant with no mixtures involved.

Some FAQs about hemp oil for your pets:

Q. Will my pet feel high because of hemp oil?

A. No, any of the hemp oil for pets will not make your pet high at all. It may be related to marijuana but it is entirely a different strain of hemp plant. This one does not make you high as its less potent than marijuana or weed. 

Q. Are there any side-effects related to it?

A. No, there have not been any side effects related to the use of hemp oil up until now. If you see there is something wrong about your pet, it may be not the hemp oil for pets but something else. Please take it to the nearby veterinarian for a checkup or consultation in this case.

Q. What will happen if my pet eats or drinks a lot of it?

A. Even at high dosage, there have no known side-effects related to hemp oil for pets, including hemp oil for dogs or any of the pet that you own. See the veterinarian in case of persisting problems.

Q. Are the hemp products vet approved?

A. Yes, many of the hemp oil for pets products are tested from the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. This school is one of the best schools for the field of Veterinary Medicine. Many veterinarians across the country also recommend this alternative medicine as a treatment for many ailments in pets or animals.

Q. What is the difference between cannabis and hemp?

A. There is a big legal and physical difference. First of all hemp oil for pets is legal everywhere in the United States of America. Cannabis is restricted in many states of USA and this restriction is different in every state. Cannabis can make you or your pet high while hemp does not.

The right method to introduce your pet to hemp oil:

Due to the legal status of cannabis and similar strains of hemp/cannabis plant, much of the research was not done on the dosage levels/methods of hemp oil. Dr. Cornelia Wagner of Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic in Portland, USA says that there are no guidelines for the dosage or dosage methods of hemp oil for your pets. This is why she has her own method and optimal levels of hemp oil.

It is 1kg orally that is increased gradually from 0.5 kilograms of hemp oil that should be provided to a pet. The pet does not have to be afflicted with an ailment. Taking hemp oil can be used as a cautionary measure against future illnesses. If a pet develops a tolerance, then the dosage should be increased every five days for better results.


The information provided previously in the article evidences one fact. That the hemp oil is very good not just for humans but their pets too. It has many benefits and is legal all over the U.S. Pet owners should give it try for the sake of their pets.

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