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How To Use A Vape Pen

Over the years, the smoking rate has increased tremendously, and e-cigarettes have become highly popular among teenage populate. Vape pens are also a form of e-cigarettes, which come in various sizes. Vape pens have gained popularity among the current generation due to their apparent advantages over the standard pack of cigarettes. Not only are pens cheaper than buying cigarettes but are also considered to be 95% healthier.

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Components of a vape pen:

The main parts of a vape are :

  1. A liquid cartridge, commonly known as the e-liquid, which is used to produce the vapor
  2. Atomizer, a heating element
  3. A rechargeable battery to charge the atomizer

The e-liquid is often filled propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin, which when heated are inhaled by the user and vapor is produced on exhalation. The liquid also contains an abundant amount of nicotine, which gives it similar characteristics as cigarettes. The e-liquid comes in a range of flavors and different tastes and thus is often referred to as the juice of vape pen.

Vape pens contain replaceable and rechargeable batteries, but these are open in vapes pens which are more powerful and more significant in size. The smaller vape pens often suggested to beginners are the ones with non-removable batteries. They may be charged using a USB port; as the batteries are stronger than the typical household batteries and can be harmful if not used properly.

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Atomizers, cartridges, and cartomizers.

The atomizer contains all the e-juices and is available in different forms. The prefilled atomizer contains pods, cartridges, and cartomizers. They can only be used once and needs to be discarded after a single-use. The refillable has the same contents but can be used multiple times and has non-replaceable coils. It, however, needs to be disposed of after some time. The refillable with replaceable coils is the vape pen which can be used indefinitely and is filled with the basic e-liquid. Another form of indefinite use vape pen is rebuildable. Rebuildable is different from the refillable with replaceable coils regarding its e-liquid. Rebuildable allows the user to fill user-installed wicks and coils and on-demand e-liquid.

The coils are mainly responsible for the large clouds produced as a result of vaping, and thus need to be replaced after a while. Unlike the filament of a bulb, the coils do not die or burn out, but instead, they start to change their flavor after prolonged use. The duration before the coils flavor dampens varies for different coils, while some may last weeks, others need to be replaced after a couple of days.

How to vape:

Vape pens tend to come in different sizes and shapes. While they may range from a single pen-like structure to a cigar form pen, all the vape pens are essentially the same.

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Step 1: buy a simple vape pen kit

A vape pen kit contains all the essential components of the vape pen. The user is given a choice to select from their available types. For beginners, it is often recommended to use refillable, disposable pens. Despite buying a prefilled kit, the user still needs to fill in their pens with vape juice, which needs to be selected carefully.

Step 2: Selecting Vape juices

The first step in choosing the vape juice is to determine the flavor that appeals to the user the most. Selecting the flavor that might be tantalizing for the users taste buds is essential. After the flavor is selected, the amount of nicotine is to be specified. The amount of nicotine varies according to the time the vape juices take to seep into the system. For heavy and recreational users, extra high levels of nicotine are recommended while beginners might go for a lower nicotine range.

Step 3: Inhaling the vape

Inhaling the vape is the most crucial and essential part of vaping. The first time a person inhales determines whether they continue or discard the idea of vaping. The correct way of inhaling is either inhale mouth to lungs or directly to the lungs.

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  • Mouth to lungs:

The mouth to lungs technique works best with smaller sized pens. The user begins with drawing the vapor into their mouth tightly and retaining it with their closed mouth for a second or two. This is then followed by opening the mouth and inhaling the vapor into the lungs and then finally respiration takes place.

In case of heavy nicotine dosage, this is the suggested technique as the nicotine gets time to seep into the mouth even before the inhalation takes place.

  • Direct to lungs:

Larger vape pens can be used correctly via the direct to lungs technique. Unlike the mouth to lungs, this technique does not prolong the inhalation and exhalation of the vapor. The vapor is instantly inhaled and immediately exhaled to ensure maximum vapor to be used.

  • Cigar puff:

Although cigar puff is not among the correct ways of vaping, however, to ensure maximum nicotine absorption into the body, it is often used. The user takes a puff from the vape pen, in a similar fashion as they would from a cigar. This causes the nicotine to get stuck to the mucous membrane and thus be transferred to the body. This technique is not restricted to any specific form of a vape pen and is not affected by the size or the shape of the pen either. It works perfectly with large vape pens, smaller pens, high battery, and varying levels of nicotine.

Vape pens are claimed to be less dangerous and less health harmful as compared to cigarettes. However, they may tend to be disastrous for the user depending upon their use. Continuous use of the vape pen can cause the users to taste buds to become blank and taste resistant. And the high level of nicotine entering the body can also have adverse effects on the person. Similar results are also expected in case the person uses a high level of nicotine or other forms of vaporizers such as weed and cannabis concentrated vaporizers.


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