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Is Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Oil same as CBD Oil?

There are so many sales gimmicks surrounding CDB and Hemp oil products these days that it can be hard to tell which is which. Salespersons will deliberately use the two products names in a bid to pass one off as the other just as long as they get to sell an item. As always we believe in bringing you the latest accurate information so that you can make your own independent fact-based decision to purchase or not to purchase. So for this post, we sought to distinguish the two for your benefit.

So what is CBD oil? And what is hemp oil? How can you tell the difference between the two products? Take our word for it; these are not the same thing unless you are an anti-marijuana politician. Many online marketing firms seem to use the two terms; hemp oil and CBD oil interchangeably. Sometimes it’s a general term such as cannabis oil or marijuana oil, and it becomes even harder to discern which of the two they are referring to.

Why the confusion?

The mix-up between the two products may be because of the common origin of the two oils and similarities in composition. After all the hemp and marijuana plant share, a plant family and their extracts also have a similar chemical composition. It is not easy to distinguish the two if you are a beginner in this area. Let us now set the records straight by discussing these products in turn.

So what is Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is pressed primarily from well, the hemp plant. Specifically, the hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the plant. Hemp Seed Oil is never made from the mature grown plant. But just cold pressed seeds. While the Hemp Oil is made from the entire plant and not the seed. Hemp seed oil contains no CBD, while Hemp Oil produced from the mature plant extracted via C02 Extraction is RICH IN CBD. The hemp plant is in the same plant genus as marijuana called cannabis but has no high when ingested or delivered to the body in any other way. It is thus extremely poor in THC content the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. The overlap comes in when we also note that hemp oil can be derived from nearly every plant in the cannabis genus.

A particular crop called industrial hemp is used for most of the hemp oil in the market today and not the marijuana plant to be specific. Regardless of the conditions under which this plant grows, the level of THC in its extracts is minimal. It is no wonder that this plant, though it takes after the marijuana plant, is legal in most countries even when Marijuana it’s not.

Uses of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed oil is the crazy rich source of rare nutrients including omega-6 and other essential fatty acids. It can replace ordinary cooking oil which adds a distinct crispy and pleasant nutty taste to foods. Hemp oil is ideal for salads as well as cooking just like olive oil.

Alternatively, hemp seed oil finds application as a natural moisturizer for topical application to the skin. Some advanced industrial applications use the oil as a base for plastics in place of petroleum, in the manufacture of eco-friendly paints production of soaps and lotions, foods and a bio-diesel fuel the same as with other plant-derived oils.

Some strains of the industrial hemp are under development and cultivation to make use of their bountiful harvests in making such products for better lives. Also, the plant is known to grow in arid areas without much competition with existing plants or invasion. It, therefore, follows that the hemp plant can not only provide nutrition and other products but also save the planet from runaway deforestation.

What is CBD oil

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CBD oil is Cannabidiol oil for short. The term cannabidiol, in turn, refers to the natural component of the industrial cannabis plant or hemp that is extracted for its various uses. CBD is gotten from the flowers, stalks, and leaves, unlike hemp oil which comes from the seeds only. For a product to be referred to as CBD oil, it has to undergo the correct procedures to siphon and concentrate a significant amount of the cannabidiol material in whichever plant it is derived from.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not CBD oil can get a person high. No, CBD oil cannot get you high because it does not have mid alteration effects similar to those found in THC of marijuana. On the contrary, the plant is a stylish alternative treatment solution for medical marijuana because it can deliver relief and healing without the high effects. Yes, medical marijuana gets you high too, it’s still just marijuana tough taken with a prescription to improve symptoms.


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Usage of CBD oil

CBD has risen as top-notch supplements and alternative medicine due to its seemingly countless health benefits and medicinal value. From cancer patients to irritable bowel disease to chronic pain diseases and mental health problems, few substances have so many health applications. The beauty of CBD is that it can do all this without taking a toll on the body as with other potent drugs used conventionally to treat these severe diseases. For some people dealing with other conditions that were previously untreatable, there is a new hope.

CBD is the newest kid on the block in the supplements market, but it is already doing rounds like none before it. It has a seemingly infinite number of uses including treatment of inflammatory, skin issues, depression, seizure attacks, and other brain diseases. The oil has proved useful in the control of epilepsy attacks, improving symptoms for chemo patients and managing anxiety, depression and sleep.

Other uses of CBD oil include a topical application for skin ailments

The difference between CBD and Hemp oil explained

Even with the definition above, it can still be confusing which is which especially since both CBD oil and hemp oil contain CBD to some extent and also traces of THC. It is clear that these two are cousins with marijuana and may be derived from the same crop, but the dual have much less THC content. So what makes hemp oil different from medicinal CBD oil?

Hemp Seed oil contains absolutely NO CBD. So it is not wise trying to buy hemp seed oil for its any medicinal value other than its nutritional value. Because sellers know that the hemp seed oil and CBD oil come from similar plants and hemp extracted CBD oil does contain CBD, they will try and pass hemp seed oil off as CBD oil.

Cannabis oil does contain THC content and Is not precisely legal in all states.

Hemp oil can also be cold pressed from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant and then tested for THC amounts in line with regulations. It is not generally tested for CBD, but it does contain very minute quantities to the tune of 25 parts per million. In contrast, pure CBD oil can provide anything from 15% CBD to 98% for the crème de la crème products.


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