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7 Surprising Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

What Is CBD Oil Used For?

For years, science professionals have been studying the health effects of using CBD oil. What is CBD oil, anyway? What is CBD oil used for? In this article, we’ll give you seven surprising health benefits of CBD that you might not know.

Whatever your emotional or political views on marijuana, medical marijuana, and related compounds, it seems clear that these substances have a lot of therapeutic health benefits. This is especially true when it comes in the form of high quality CBD oil.

The world knows it, too. In fact, the legal marijuana market is projected to be worth $63.5 billion in sales by 2024.

What are the specific health benefits of CBD oil? Keep reading to find out.

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of CBD Oil

There are a seemingly endless amount of benefits that CBD oil may be able to offer. However, there are common use cases that seem to indicate a trend. In this article, we’ll discuss seven health benefits of CBD oil that may surprise you.

These require further proof and evidence before they are set in stone. Still, if we are to learn anything from the anecdotal evidence currently available, it is that CBD oil is a sort of miracle remedy. It seems to have the power to assist in all kinds of conditions and treatments.

Read on to learn more about some of the most common reported health benefits of CBD oil.

1. Relieves Pain and Inflammation

Among the many benefits, pain and inflammation relief are high on the list. People turn to CBD oil for help with their pain very commonly. Even chronic pain sufferers like those who have fibromyalgia claim to benefit from using CBD oil.

CBD oil comes in a variety of formats that can help to treat pain. Some swallow it in the form of capsules. A popular CBD intake method for those who suffer from pain in the muscles or joints is to purchase CBD as a balm or massage oil. Simply rubbing CBD oil into the muscles or massaging it into sore joints can provide serious relief.

In studies, cannabinoids, the active component of marijuana and CBD products, seem to suppress the inflammatory response by regulating the immune system. This is how CBD may help to tone down inflammation.

In fact, scientists included CBD in several experimental models related to autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis. Their findings may have major implications for the medical community.

Those studies found that CBD was helpful in managing neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis patients. Neuropathic pain is pain caused by damaged nerves.

For reference, neuropathic pain has a debilitating effect on 50 to 70% of multiple sclerosis patients. This shows why CBD is such a big deal for them. If it can provide relief from the nerve pain that causes them to be unable to go through daily life, it could mean a whole new lease on life for them.

2. Reduces Anxiety

You know the stereotype. The stoner who’s so chill they’ve become one with the couch cushions? That’s the effect marijuana has on an otherwise normal, healthy person. This is largely due to the presence of THC in most marijuana plants and substances. THC causes a euphoric high and also a carefree feeling.

Still, take that effect and picture what CBD oil could do for someone with chronic anxiety.

In fact, reduction of anxiety is one of the most commonly sought after benefits of marijuana. Fortunately, many of those anti anxiety effects are directly connected to CBD. This indicates that even those who do not wish to get high may be able to benefit from the effects of marijuana. If CBD can offer the same anxiety relieving benefits, the world of cannabis opens up to a much wider potential audience.

It’s not just for generalized anxiety, either. Anxiety can manifest in anything from obsessive compulsive disorder to PTSD to social anxiety to panic disorders. In all cases, CBD can help restore a sense of calm. It can help a person feel more grounded, collected, and peaceful. All of these are welcome sensations when it comes to a bout of fear inducing anxiety.

It’s like ADD medication. A normal brain would be bouncing off the walls for nine hours straight if they took ADD medication. However, for someone with ADD, those medications are what bring them back to equilibrium.

Many believe it is the same story with CBD.

3. Relieve Nausea

Ah, don’t you love the feeling where your stomach is threatening to turn inside out and you want to crawl into a hole and never resurface? Of course not! Turns out, CBD can help with that.

This makes a lot of sense when you recall that marijuana and CBD have been used as a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting for centuries. Your ancestors knew what was up. They understood that this plant could ease a roiling stomach and make a person feel well and balanced again.

There are serious benefits to CBD that you can’t ignore. Some of the people who suffer most from nausea are the ones who are suffering most in general.

For example, cancer patients who are undergoing chemo therapy or radiation treatments report a very unfortunate side effect of extreme nausea. This is coupled with a total loss of appetite. Combined, these factors often cause cancer patients to lose serious amounts of weight. This further stresses the body and leads to declined health.

If CBD can help restore their appetite and soothe their nausea, it could be the difference between total misery and a sense of being okay and in control. This is vital when it comes to those battling serious life threatening illnesses.

4. Digestive Aid

Your body can’t fix itself if it doesn’t have any fuel to run on. And if you’re sick, eating might be the last thing you want to do. However, no matter if you’re sick or not, your body requires nourishment in order to keep going. You must supply it with the vital nutrients it needs.

The good news is that your CBD oil can help your appetite problem, all while it takes your pain away.

Many animal studies have shown that the active element of CBD can have a stimulating effect on the appetite. This is because CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body. These are the same receptors which scientists believe help to regulate feeding behaviors. Because CBD binds to them, it can have a major effect on the appetite.

Plus, the CB1 receptors in the hypothalamus part of your brain are believed to interact with the reward aspect of eating. So, not only are you hungry, your brain is rewarding you for acting on it. By stimulating these pleasure centers in your brain, your body is encouraged to eat when you need to eat. This helps keep you healthy and well.

5. Antipsychotic

Are you sensing a trend when it comes to the potential health benefits of CBD oil? Fortunately, CBD’s health benefits do not just extend to physical health. People are beginning to think that CBD may be able to play a positive part in mental health, too.

This one’s a big deal, especially where schizophrenia is concerned. Schizophrenia affects about 1.1% of the U.S. population, or about 2.4 million adults. It remains one of the most heavily stigmatized mental illnesses. Unfortunately, it is also one that people understand the least.

CBD and Schizophrenia

A 2013 study found that CBD can assist in managing both the positive symptoms of schizophrenia and the negative symptoms.

Positive symptoms do not mean they are a good thing. They simply mean that they are the presence, rather than the absence, of something. Positive symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations and delusions. In other words, the person is seeing and sensing things that are not there.

Negative symptoms can include a lack of emotion and a loss of social functioning. They are the absence of something that should be there.

Here, some might point out that cannabinoids have a psychoactive element. Wouldn’t that make this kind of a bad idea?

Not necessarily. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for the “high” feeling. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has very little THC. In fact, it can actually counteract THC’s psychoactive effects.

That’s why CBD can be useful for schizophrenia patients. CBD inhibits anandamide, which is inversely correlated with psychotic symptoms. To say it another way: the more anandamide, the more symptoms.

What’s even better news for schizophrenia patients is that a trial testing CBD against amisulpride, a potent antipsychotic, found that CBD was the winner. While the two treatments were comparable in safety and significant clinical improvement, CBD had far fewer side effects.

6. Alleviate Epilepsy Symptoms

The calming effects of CBD don’t end with psychiatric disorders. They can also help with disorders of the physical body.

One of the most well known effects of CBD is its influence on epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disorder in which nerve activity in the brain is disrupted. This results in seizures.

A 2013 study of children with treatment resistant forms of epilepsy found a significant improvement. Up to 84% of respondents reported a lower frequency of seizures while taking CBD. This is an incredible statistic. If CBD can effectively reduce the frequency and severity of seizures, those who suffer from epilepsy may not need to suffer anymore.

Even pharmaceutical companies recognize the benefits. GW Pharmaceuticals is conducting clinical trials for Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical grade CBD oil.

7. Manage Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

It’s not a cure. However, when the disease is as serious as Parkinson’s, every little bit helps. Any ounce of improvement can be a major relief to those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting motor control. Its symptoms include tremors, muscle stiffness, difficulty shifting out of a resting position, and difficulty with walking and balance. The disease tends to worsen over time, and the journey is miserable for the patient.

While CBD doesn’t directly treat the core symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, it is thought to be able to help alleviate related issues surrounding Parkinson’s. For example, CBD can aid in sleep disorders caused by loss of muscle control. It can also help manage psychotic symptoms related to Parkinson’s without making motor symptoms worse.

Helping in this way can make a major difference to those suffering from Parkinson’s.

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