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What Do Bioavailability and Sublingual Mean for CBD

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If you’re wondering about some popular buzz words in the CBD world, we have answers for you. You may have heard the terms bioavailability and sublingual before. But what exactly do they mean? Do they even apply to you? What is CBD used for anyway?

In this article, we’ll answer all your burning questions that may have come up as you have been introduced to the world of CBD use. It’s important to understand some of the basics of CBD, marijuana, and cannabis before you start this journey.

If you’re curious about trying CBD for yourself, you should get the question of what is CBD used for out of the way. This is important — but basic — the piece of knowledge you should have as you delve into this world.

Ready to get started? Ready to finally understand what exactly bioavailability is and what sublingual might mean for you?

Read on to learn more!

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability may seem like a long word or a confusing concept. It might be very unclear to you what this word could possibly mean. However, the concept is not so hard to understand. If you have even a very basic idea of how biology works, you will be able to grasp what bioavailability is in no time at all.

This is how the body works. When you take in any sort of substance — whether it’s food, water, a supplement, or some other kind of substance like CBD — your body has to process it and absorb it into your bloodstream, once something is in your bloodstream, your body can use it to power through its daily activities or do whatever it needs to do.

Of course, CBD is a potent substance with great healing and restorative abilities. But the method you use for intake can greatly affect just how much of an impact it makes on your body.

This is where bioavailability comes in. Bioavailability is a word that measures or tells you how powerful your dose of CBD will be. Depending on the form the CBD is in, the bioavailability will differ.

For example, consuming CBD capsules offers a low bioavailability. Vaping CBD offers high bioavailability.

How Does Bioavailability Work?

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Why is this? Well, when you consume CBD orally, it will be ingested just like food or water would be. It will pass through your digestive system, get broken down in your stomach, and eventually make its way to your liver. Your liver is a great filter for your body. It filters out harmful substances that would not benefit your body and helps you only break down the nutritious portions.

Unfortunately, the liver will filter out a lot of CBD’s nutrients and terpenes. This isn’t because they’re bad for you. It’s just because the liver filters out a lot of a substance. This is what leads to a very low bioavailability.

By the time the CBD molecules make it to your bloodstream, their potency and power have greatly reduced. Consuming CBD so that it passes through your digestive system leads to a low amount of CBD actually being available to your body to benefit from. This is what is known as a low bioavailability.

By the time the CBD hits your bloodstream, you’re only getting a fraction or a percentage of how much CBD was in it, to begin with. In other words, just a small about of CBD is available in a biological sense to benefit your body.

How to Get CBD With High Bioavailability

There are other forms of taking CBD that lead to a high bioavailability, though. Consuming CBD orally is a lower form. Vaping CBD is a higher form. This is because when you vape CBD, you completely bypass the digestive system altogether. You send the CBD straight to your lungs, which are rich with blood vessels and veins. From the lungs, the CBD is absorbed right into your bloodstream.

In other words, it is a much more direct way of intaking CBD. When you vape it or inhale it into your lungs, you make it almost directly available to your bloodstream. Through this route, you will not only feel the effects of the CBD sooner, but you will also receive a more significant benefit from it because it packs more of its powerful punch.

By taking CBD in through your lungs, the power of CBD has not been reduced or diminished by having to pass through your body’s other filtration systems. You get more of CBD’s effects delivered to your body without any reduction in their potency or effectiveness.

What Does Sublingual Mean?

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Now that you understand just what bioavailability is, you are ready to move on to another CBD buzz word. Luckily, this word is even easier to understand.

Once you understand the two basic parts of this word, it will be clear to you exactly what it means. It is a Latin word, which forms the basis of most of our language. A lot of the English language — and many other languages — come from a Latin background

The word sublingual is composed of two word parts: sub and lingual. Sub means under. Lingual means tongue. So, all sublingual means is under the tongue. Isn’t that easy to grasp? We told you it would be!

When you’re talking about CBD, sublingual usually refers to a CBD intake method. A sublingual administration of CBD simply means taking CBD under the tongue.

What Sublingual CBD Does

What’s the point of doing this? What is CBD used for when it is taken under the tongue?

Well, you are likely aware that you have salivary glands situated under your tongue. These work to keep your mouth wet with saliva so that you can start to properly break down the food you eat and the other things you consume. Saliva is a substance that aids you in chewing, swallowing, and digesting whatever you put in your mouth.

By administering CBD sublingually, you deliver a powerful and direct dose of CBD straight to your bloodstream.

The salivary glands connect very smoothly to your body’s internal processes. By taking CBD sublingually, you keep the bioavailability high and deliver a quick dose when and where you need it.

Easy Administration

Also, a sublingual dose of CBD is a great way to give CBD to someone who may not be able to take it any other way. Some parents choose to try CBD on their children who may suffer from a condition like epilepsy or another unfortunate situation.

Giving CBD under the tongue is a great way to make sure the proper dosage of CBD is delivered and taken in by the person. When you give a CBD capsule, for example, it is difficult to ensure the person who needs it doesn’t spit it out, store it in their cheek, or something of the sort.

Also, vaping CBD might not be a good solution for some people (especially young children) and other CBD administration methods like muscle rubs or creams do not always offer a high enough bioavailability for your purposes.

Thus, providing CBD through a sublingual method is a great way to ensure speedy and direct delivery to a person’s body system. Sublingual CBD is accessible for parents to give children and it’s easy for adults to give to themselves, too.

This is what makes sublingual CBD such a popular method for taking CBD. It offers a high level of bioavailability and is quick, simple, and hassle-free. It is an easy way to take CBD and offers a very direct path to the places that need it most.

Best Ways to Take CBD

Curious about the best ways to take CBD? Need to be reminded about what is CBD used for?

In this section, we’ll go over some of the most common CBD intake methods, so you fully understand the best ways to take CBD.

What you need to know first is that there is not necessarily the best way to do anything. What matters, in the long run, is whatever works best for you and your particular situation. What’s right for you may not be a good fit for another person, and what works for them may not work for you.

Because of this, you need to decide for yourself about the best way to take CBD. What is your priority? What needs do you have? Is it better for you to take CBD in the absolute easiest way possible, or is it more important to you that the CBD you take offers a high bioavailability?

Depending on what your priorities are and what your situation is, your chosen method for taking CBD may differ. It may vary from other people around you, and it may even differ for you in your life — for example, at some points in life you may vape CBD, while at other points in life all you do is use a CBD muscle rub.

Leave room to grow, expand, learn, and change. You would be wise to apply this advice to your CBD habits and take it to heart for life in general, too.

CBD Intake Methods

Now, let’s discuss what the most common CBD intake methods are. People take their CBD in all kinds of ways. Some of the most popular forms of CBD include creams, rubs, lip balms, capsules, tinctures, and more.

Did you get all that? As you can see, there is a wide variety in ways of taking CBD! What you choose will depend on your situation. If you suffer from arthritis and have sore joints and muscles, the thought of rubbing or massaging CBD into your muscles may be a welcome thought.

On the other hand, if you are an epileptic patient and don’t necessarily care about CBD muscle rubs or creams, another form of CBD may be better for you. Maybe you choose to vape or inhale CBD so that you receive the highest bioavailability possible. Maybe you choose to take CBD capsules because it’s easy, hassle-free, mess-free, portable, and convenient.

Whatever the case, you should consider trying several different forms and intake methods of CBD before making an official decision. Give it some time and leave space for trial and error. It may take you time to find the perfect CBD form and dosage for you, but your efforts are very likely to pay off in the end.

Choosing the Right CBD Product For You

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As mentioned above, choosing the right CBD product for you may not happen overnight. What is CBD used for, after all? It is here to offer relief and serve as a help to your life. It is not supposed to add more undue stress to you.

Don’t let a few wrong turns with CBD discourage you from carrying on. As you try more CBD products and learn more about yourself and what works for you, you will likely change your tune on what CBD forms you use. That is perfectly okay.

Need some ideas or inspiration when it comes to CBD? Browse our wide selection of CBD products to find the right fit for you. Whether you want to take CBD sublingually or are out there to get the highest bioavailability possible, we have something to meet your needs.

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